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Elevate Your Community's Offerings

Distinguish your community from others by partnering with our premier on-site concierge team!

Our Philosophy

Fusion Rehab & Wellness reflects the values and quality of service provided by the senior living community. We understand that we are an extension of the community staff and we make it a priority for our clinicians to work seamlessly with the community's team.


Unlike other contracted providers, Fusion Rehab & Wellness is a truly integrated partner in care. We offer care educational series, community outreach events, and exercise classes to residents in addition to in-services, staff competence training and marketing support for the community. Fusion Rehab & Wellness provides a dedicated team for each community promoting continuity and consistency across all levels of care. Our management team attends daily rounding meetings, family care conferences, and staff meetings to achieve interdisciplinary care for the residents. 

We would love to talk more and discuss how Fusion Rehab & Wellness would benefit your community!

Fusion Rehab and Wellness resident patient care
Director of Health & Wellness, Senior Living Community
"The best decision our facility made was switching our therapy provider to Fusion! Our residents and staff have seen such a difference in the care provided."
Executive Director, Senior Living Community
"I've worked with many therapy providers over the years and I have never seen a company with such high quality of care and attentiveness that Fusion provides. We have a true partnership. I couldn't be happier to work with the Fusion team!"

Senior Living Resident

"What a gift it has been working with the therapists. The culture and the care is what makes Fusion different and so special."
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